Speaking of a Great Project

Throughout the last term, my Year 9 classes have been designing and making Bluetooth speakers.

The actual receiver and speakers were bought, at a relatively inexpensive price, from a local supplier in Beijing.

It was originally intended that students would make the full project from acrylic, however, after a mix up with our overseas order, we ended up with a huge quantity of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), hence the ‘bowl-shaped’ back piece on the speakers. The bowl sits tightly, without the use of any adhesive, inside of a lip on the back of the speaker, allowing access to change the batteries.

Throughout the project, students learned about CAD & CAM, as well as how to use the vinyl cutter and laser cutter.  The origins of Bluetooth and other wireless communication methods. The unit of work also included small scale and industrial thermoforming forming process, as well as touching upon the very basics of soldering.



Promotional Football Gift

Last term, my Year 6 & 7 Design and Technology- Graphic Design students made a promotional football gift.

The football gift was based on a real life product that Coca-Cola were using as part of the Brazil World Cup advertising campaign. The product is essentially a football net (icosahedral) with a few missing patches. A balloon is then inserted and inflated, creating quite a robust, usable product.

As part of this project, Year 6 & 7 researched theory based topics such as packaging nets, computer aided design and the importance of detailed planning. They also investigated a company that they would like to work for and suggested how the company could use the promotional football.

Pupils also compared the differences between cutting materials by hand and by using a laser cutting machine, before making the football and decorating it with their chosen logo.


A big well done to students for showing resilience, determination and creativity to complete this project.

The Harrow Arrow at BMF || 哈罗赛车队在英国赛车节上的出色表现

Harrow Beijing teachers: Mr Shelley and Mr Wade and a dedicated team of students have been extremely busy this term building and testing an F24 electric racing car in preparation for their first Greenpower race, which was held on the 1st October at the British Motorsport Festival (BMF).

The excited race crew were extremely proud in getting their F24 ready for the race and their hard work paid off handsomely with the team going on to win the race!

The team’s first race was a thrilling experience and required them to work quickly and collaboratively, especially in the pits. Congratulations to Kevin, Roger, Richard, Oscar, Simon, Aya, Lorcan, Paul, James, Oliver and Daisy!

Jim James, the Founder and Chairman of the BMF, added his congratulations to the team; “Harrow took the Greenpower Challenge to heart, I believe that Harrow Beijing was the first international school in China to own an F24, and were extremely pro-active in their support of the British Motorsport Festival for which I am grateful. I congratulate the Harrow staff and students for an elegantly designed F24, and on their win at the BMF. I am very keen to see their progress and look forward to seeing the Harrow Pit Crew and Race Team at the next British Motorsport Festival.”

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哈罗北京的老师 Mr Shelley和Mr Wade以及一队热忱的学生带着他们的方程式24电动赛车,在10月1日的英国赛车节上参加了第一场比赛,并赢得冠军!合力完成赛车的设计和组装,并获得比赛机会,就已经让这支热血的队伍感到无比自豪,而赢得比赛冠军更是对他们一贯的努力的最大肯定!这次比赛极富激情和挑战,队员们场内场外齐心协力,在最短时间内完成各项任务。祝贺Kevin,Roger,Richard,Oscar,Simon,Aya,Lorcan,Paul,James,Oliver和Daisy!

Jim James,英国赛车节主席及创始人,特别写了一段话来祝贺这支队伍:




Harrow Beijing Students Race To Build E-Car || 哈罗北京学生一起建新能源车

2016-06-08 北京哈罗英国学校HISB

Harrow Beijing are honoured to be the first International School in China to receive a Formula 24 (F24) electric car kit. The kit is supplied by Greenpower (www.greenpower.co.uk), a British Charity now present in China and other countries around the world, whose Educational Trust was established in 1998 to create a number of practical, educational engineering challenges, to fulfil their mission of increasing interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and encompass the values of Inspiration,Motivation,Passion,Dedication and Fun.

Our electric car challenge will require students, guided by their teachers and an industry mentor to design, build and then race an electric car.

We hope to display our car at the British Motorsport Festival (www.britishmotorsportfestival.com) in October 2016 and to compete against other schools in and around Beijing.

If you would like any further information on this project, or feel as though you can help in any way please contact Mr Kara (rkara@harrowbeijing.cn).

Please click read more to visit Green Power China’s website.

哈罗北京很荣幸能够成为中国第一个获得Formula 24( F24 )装备的国际学校。该装备是由Greenpower提供的,它是英国慈善机构,它的教育信托基金成立于1998年。Greenpower创建了一批实用的教育工程挑战项目,它的目的是为了增加学生们对STEM (科学,技术,工程和数学)的兴趣。它们的理念是提供灵感,激励,激情,奉献精神与乐趣。



如果你想获得关于这个项目的进一步的信息,或者你热心于为我们可以提供帮助,请联系Kara先生( rkara@harrowbeijing.cn ) 。非常感谢您!

请点击阅读原文查看Green Power China 网站。


2016 Student Design Comp Winners!

2016-06-10 叫板比萨

The Gung Ho Student Pizza Box Design Competition was once again a massive success! This year we had entires from most of the international schools in Beijing, including the British School of Beijing, Beijing City International School, Beijing World Youth Academy, Dulwich and Harrow.

This year we had a total of 157 submissions, slightly less than last year, but of an even higher standard.

So much so that once again we had to enlist the aid of professional artists: Kang Hao Xian, Zhang Mo Liu, Tian Qi and Yan Shuo to judge. They definitely had their work cut out for them, taking nearly 4 hours to choose our finalists and winners!

Before we get to the winners we’d like to give a final thank you to all the supporters of this project, to all the teachers and parents, and of course to all the incredibly talented Beijing students that showed such amazing creative talent and aritistic ability.



感谢此次参与到专业评审团的艺术家们:康好贤、张墨柳、田琦以及阎硕! 感谢他们抽出了宝贵的创作时间,用4个多小时的时间帮我们挑选出了冠军作品以及优胜作品。

在公布此次的获奖名单之前,还是要先给支持本次艺术盒设计项目的所有人致谢 —— 老师和家长,当然还有贡献了非凡创造力的“小艺术家们”!


The pieces were judged on artistic technique, design fundamentals, adherence to the theme, end-product suitability, and above all, creativity.




This year we have 8 finalists in each age group will receive a Finalist Certificate as well as a 200rmb Gung Ho Gift Voucher.



The Design Award winner in each age group is selected by the Gung Ho Design Team and will receive a Design Award Certificate, a Gung Ho pizza party for 10 people, and their design on one of our pizza boxes, along with their picture, name, and school crest.



The Grand Prize winner in each age group is selected by our artist panel and will receive a Grand Prize Certificate, a Gung Ho pizza party for 10 people, and their design on one of our pizza boxes, along with their picture, name, and school crest.


Congrats to all of our winners and finalists, and to everyone that submitted art! It really was so difficult to choose. We can’t wait to do this again next year!





We loved the boldness of the piece and whimsy of the characterization. The title shows strong modern design elements and the use of space and limited color pallette is strong.




A unanimous choice from our panel of artists, who were capivated by it’s consistency of vision and execution – reminiscent of Yayoi Kusama!




We loved the strong design of this piece, from the use of space and color to the use of perspective and point of view! A wonderfully nuanced and well designed view of Beijing summer.




Each choice was a difficult choice, but the inclusion of this piece does speak for itself. The panel remarked on both the technical and the creative execution of the art, from perspective and point of view, to light and shadow and movement – a very singular and unique view of Beijing in Summer.

Staff vs Celebrities Football Match

2016-05-09 北京哈罗英国学校HISB

Harrow staff enjoyed an exhibition match against 梦舟明星足球队 a team of Chinese celebrities, including three ex-professional footballers who had represented their country. Both sides posed for a huge group picture before the match and the tempo of the game was high, even in the sunshine after the earlier Harrowthon races. The match certainly proved to be an end-to-end spectacle for all those who had stayed around to watch and support.

It was an action packed game with both teams creating a wealth of chances. Some excellent skill was on show, especially the moment midway through the second half, when Gao Feng nutmegged Harrow defensive supremo Mr Colbourne and rifled the ball past Mr Wade, adding another goal to his team.

The celebrities proved to be the superior team on the day but the staff showed true valour and sportsmanship throughout the game.




Gung Ho Visits Harrow Beijing || 企业家来访哈罗北京

2016-05-16 北京哈罗英国学校HISB

Last week, the Director of Marketing at Gung Ho Pizza – Rich Akers, visited the school to talk to students about branding and corporate identity. He discussed the different ways companies try to stand out from the crowd in competitive markets. Mr Akers also talked about the possible careers related to graphic design and went on to launch this year’s ‘Student Pizza Box Design Competition’. Students are encouraged to showcase their artistic talents with the chance of winning some wonderful prizes, such as their design being featured on Gung Ho pizza boxes across Beijing.

Last year over 200 entries were submitted from Beijing schools, including many inspiring Harrow entries. This year’s competition details are as follows:

上周,Gung Ho的市场总监Rich Akers到访哈罗北京,参观了学校,并和学生讲了关于品牌和企业形象的意义。讨论了不同的公司如何试图在激烈的市场竞争中脱颖而出。Akers先生还谈到了有关平面设计的职业生涯。另外,叫板披萨将要再次举行‘学生披萨盒设计大赛’。大赛鼓励学生们展示自己的艺术天分,还有机会赢得一些有趣的奖品,比如孩子的作品将会印在全北京城的叫板披萨包装盒上。



THEME: Summer in Beijing


AGE GROUP 1: 12 & Under

年龄组1: 12岁以下(包含12岁)

AGE GROUP 2: 18 & Under

年龄组2: 18岁以下(包含18岁)

COLORS: black, pink and white (on a brown background) OR black and pink (on a white background)


SIZE: 20cm x 20cm – 30cm x 30cm square

大小:20 x 20 – 30 x 30平方厘米

DEADLINE: June 6th 2016



提交邮箱: rich@gunghopizza.com


相关信息查询: http://gunghopizza.com/en/

I look forward to seeing the entires from our talented, young artists!


3D Designing

Students have been producing a variety of different designs, whilst learning the basics of our 3D Design Software – Autodesk Inventor. Here we can see some of the examples that students have created. Students may download a FREE 3-Year license from the Autodesk website.

Please Click read more to get access to the Autodesk website.

学生们运用3D设计软件 – Autodesk Inventor中的基础知识,做了多种不同的设计。 下面是一些学生的作品。学生可以从Auodesk网站上下载一个3年免费的许可证。



As part of Mr Wade’s Engineering LIA activity, students have been making model cars and learning about 3D designs.

For the cars, students created the base using work shop tools. They then created a mould in which to vacuum form the actual body, before using the laser cutter to make the wheels. Students finished their cars with stickers designed by themselves, which were then cut out on the vinyl cutter.