Creating Displays

I really like this idea. I can also see how it could be used to track progress throughout a lesson, allowing pupils to choose their own starting point, then moving along the board during the lesson. It is also quite ‘visual’ so that anybody observing could also see this progress. It would work excellent with Ski-Runs, Solo, or if the pupils are given N/C criteria.

Mrs Humanities

With open evening on the horizon this week my aim is to create displays for my classroom.

1// Interactive Progress Displays

Not only do I want the pupils to know how to progress through learning ladders, I want them to be able to see their progress. Now there maybe some debate over whether or not we should share pupils progress with the rest of the class, so I will take a vote with each class on whether they want to be included. I imagine most pupils will enjoy a bit of competition, particularly the boys.  

The original idea for Progress Pegs is from

Now  I first saw  this idea of Progress Pegs from Agility – The Teaching Toolkit who shared this from PeFoulger. I liked the simple presentation of this display which allows for several classes.

Climbing the level ladder from @Mrs_Hampshire

Whilst I also like this…

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